My hometown football team (The Seahawks, of course!) won the Super Bowl on Sunday, if you didn’t know.  I was born and raised in the Northwest and watching the Seahawks win the goddamned SUPER BOWL was like someone telling me that we found life on Mars. Like, that’s how UNREALISTIC and FAR-FETCHED it felt. 

AND I’M NOT EVEN A FOOTBALL FAN. You know me, all I ever talk about is MotoGP and Baseball. 

But this is special. We have all, as a city, been waiting our ENTIRE LIVES FOR THIS. We all thought it would never happen, and we’d never see it, even though we hoped it would.

I grew up watching this team suck balls for my entire life.  I’m not ashamed to admit it — the Seahawks being awful was enough of a cultural meme that it’s even been referenced in TV and movies as a “Oh yeah, like that’ll ever happen” thing.  As in “Oh, yeah, okay. I’ll get hired there right after the Seahawks win the Super Bowl.”

At best, mentioning the Seahawks anywhere in the country (and I’ve been all over it) got a snicker.  Usually it was a “So, how about those Seahawks?” or “Oh, man, I’m sorry to hear that.”

Who’s laughing now, bitches? Us. But politely, because we’re basically Canadian up in here and we’d hate to hurt your feelings (too much).

So, appropriately, the entire city lost our collective minds when we won.  There were parties in the street in every neighborhood. Fans politely waited to cross at crosswalks before proceeding to party, because that’s how we roll.

And some jerks climbed up a historic structure, and it got broken.  

So, some enthusiastic fans are saying “We’re not about that.  We’re not hoodlums.  We got this.”  And they’re doing a fundraiser to fix what got broken. Talk about civic pride. How easy would it be to just say “Well, that’s embarrassing.”

Somehow I’m sort of even more proud of my hometown for 12th manning up (sorry for the pun, it had to be done) and saying “We aren’t those guys. We’re better than that. Let’s do this. Go Hawks.”

I haven’t posted in a while.  Hello.

My domain is no longer resolving to this address, I have no idea why. I’ll have to look into it.  For now… Here I am.

Doing my best Andrew Eldritch (The Sisters of Mercy) in Mr. Weiss’ aviators.

Returned to Cam!

Today was my first day back on cam at Streamate! It was a fun, steamy, sexy day… and i have some great news! I’m now approved to do Gold Shows so I’m really excited to be doing some live, naughty, group show action on a regular basis.

I’m planning on doing a regular schedule of time for only privates and a Gold Show or two if there’s interest in the afternoons; then Gold Shows in the mornings or evenings. So way more time to get down with me!

This is pretty exciting since I’ve been wanting to be able to do Gold Shows for quite a while - I feel like its a great deal for you guys and a great deal for me, too. That way, everybody leaves happy, and I’ll still have plenty of time for longer, one on one shows as well.

I’ll be on cam today, probably around 11am, for a show or two. Hope to see you there!


Cat-bombed on cam today!

I am as of today no longer a redhead. My colorful self is back. :D

Purple and silver are the new red, right?

SnapChat is Go!

Do you SnapChat?  So do I, now! I love posting and sending completely random pictures of whatever I’m doing and this is the PERFECT WAY TO DO IT. You could get some awesome stuff, like pictures of me, my cat, whatever random thing I’m thinking is hilarious, my dinner, my boobs…


…Or my socks.

I just signed up and I am running a early adopter deal for those of you who wanna get on the list from day one.  Until next Friday, you can get on the list (permanently - an early adopter perk!) for half price.

"How do I get on this?!" you ask.  Well, it’s super easy.

Offline tip 150tk on MyFreeCams and put your SC user name in the tip note!  That’s super easy, right?  Right.

Bonus deal:  You can get on the list with any Wishlist purchase — that’s right, ANYTHING and you get on the list.  And here’s the bonus — you ALSO get the perks listed on the wishlist notes. You could get photos, videos, snapchat AND cookies if you want!  Hot damn.


Panties are also likely to happen.

The last way to get on board is via my listing on  ExtraLunchMoney — 15 credits and you’re on the list.

So, get going! If you wanna get in at the ground level, don’t hesitate. There are snaps to be had!


Add You To My SnapChat List

Add You To My SnapChat List

vanessaweiss Says:

I’m just now getting into SnapChat and as a newcomers deal, I’m offering spots on my list for only 15 credits — after next friday, the sale is off and the price goes up to normal. As a bonus, this is a permanent adding - as an early adopter, you get snaps as long as I use the service! Later pricing will be tiered permanent, monthly, weekly, daily.

Let’s have some fun! Want to see my boobs? My cat? What I ate for dinner? You got it.

A Custom Set Of Crutches Or Medical Fetish Pictures

A Custom Set Of Crutches Or Medical Fetish Pictures

vanessaweiss Says:

I recently hurt my foot (ouch!) and I have to use crutches (boo). But I know that you think that’s sexy, and I’d love to work with you to create some fun, flirty, sexy, or naughty pictures. It’d make me feel better about the crutches, and make you feel better by… having the pictures. :D

The stipulations here are that it has to be inside (I have no way to do this outside currently), the set is 25 pictures, and if I need special clothing/accessories that I do not have, they may need to be provided.

And I won’t do anything that will re-injure my foot — I actually do have a foot injury!

Today’s Special Content Offer: Fishnet & Stockings, 1 Credit!

Today I’ve got my Fishnet and Stockings pin-up photoset available for only 1 credit on ExtraLunchMoney! There’s a limit of 15 so act quickly. I really love this set.  Aren’t those glasses great?

Just follow the link on over to get yours. Have fun! :)

Fishnet Dress and Stockings — Photo Set on Extra Lunch Money — Vanessa Weiss

If you don’t have an account, sign up here (I get a referral!) — and you can also check out all the other rad stuff I have available.

Vanessa Weiss